What to Expect

The excitement starts when you park and get out of your car.  The shuttle ride from your car to the front door of the church is free, but hang on!  It's being driven by one of our upstanding young people who has a real passion for ministry.

Upon entering the building, you'll see smiling faces and hear someone say, "Welcome Home".  And we mean it.  We want you to feel at home.  Although we're Pentecostals and will be praying aloud, singing very loudly, clapping our hands and maybe swaying and dancing a little, you're welcome to worship God the way you feel comfortable.  

You'll see and hear some wonderful young people singing, playing instruments and leading us in worship.  Although most of us will be standing with upraised hands, feel free to sit and absorb the music and the sweet presence of Jesus.

You'll be given an opportunity to give monetary gifts to the Kingdom of God, but we will never pressure you to give anything you don't absolutely want to.  We bring our gifts to the front of the building and during that process, you might get a dozen handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps and lots of smiles.

The message you hear will be one that has been inspired by God, seasoned with prayer and delivered with passion.  If our minister gets a little loud or a little excited, just know he can't help himself.  Webster defines an emotion as the "outward manifestation of an inward feeling."  Our ministers are on fire inside and it shows.

Every sermon culminates in an "altar call".  This is an appeal for everyone that was touched in some way by the Holy Spirit to respond in sincere soul-searching and committing to following the will of Jesus Christ in their lives.  Again, there is no pressure for anyone to respond that doesn't want to.

Stay around after the service and share a cup of coffee or bottled water with us and let us know how we can serve you.

We believe you will join hundreds of others who have told us, "That's the friendliest church I've ever been to".


Trueman Hurley on 05-16-2022 at 11:11 AM
We are Pentecostals. We believe in the Pentecostal experience taught in the book of Acts. We have people from just about every denomination that enjoys our Pentecostal worship and message. We welcome all people to come dressed comfortable. We have no dress code for those wishing to worship with us. I hope to see you soon.
Mike on 05-16-2022 at 8:20 AM
Are you pentecostals or non denominational. Are you a come as you are church or have the strick dress codes?
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